International register of stack-component suppliers


For the development of a strong fuel cell industry the establishment of an efficient supply chain is crucial. Therefore we would like to create a world-wide register of stack-component suppliers.

Description of this project

Background of this initiative is to create a world-wide register of stack-component suppliers – with minimal work load for VDMA and suppliers. Therefore simple Excel-sheets were created, that can be easily filled out. The information of these Excel-Files will be used to create one page for every supplier.

This register will be free of charge for the suppliers and will be distributed free of charge. The register will focus on the following types of fuel cells:

  • DMFC: Direct methanol fuel cell
  • LT-PEM: Low temperature PEM
  • HT-PEM: High temperature PEM

The register will list suppliers of the following components:

  • Bipolar plates (BPP): Here suppliers of metallic and graphitic BPP, as well as suppliers of production solutions of BPP will be listed
  • Catalysts: Here suppliers of anode and cathode catalysts, as well as suppliers of catalyst support will be listed
  • Gas-diffusion layers (GDL): Here suppliers of gas diffusion layers (with and without MPLs) will be listed
  • Sealings: Here suppliers of all types of sealing materials are listed – raw materials for making seals, semi-finished products (e.g. plates) and ready seals
  • Membranes: Here suppliers of all types of membranes are listed
  • Membran-Electrode Assemblies (MEA): Here all type of suppliers of MEAs are listed.

How to participate in this project

In the download area below this article you can find the current supplier register, which shows exemplary first pre-collected entries. Responses to the directory are updated on a regular basis. Furthermore you will find there an Excel-File for every component, where you can enter your information and a detailed guideline how to fill out this Excel-File.

After filling out the Excel-File please sent it to: We will create your part of the document and send it to you for release.

After the release your input will be published.  

Questions, suggestions, wishes?

In case of questions, suggestions, wishes, please contact:



The German Mechanical Engineering Federation (VDMA) represents around 3300 companies in the mechanical and plant manufacuring sector in Germany and Europe. Within the VDMA there is a group of fuel cell companies. This Fuel Cell Working Group supports around 70 leading manufacturers and suppliers of fuel cells in the expansion of the industrial network and in the political representation of interests. To this end, technical solutions for the optimisation and cost reduction of fuel cell systems and components as well as for the establishment of series production are being developed in project groups.

For the development of a strong fuel cell industry the establishment of an efficient supply chain is crucial. The aim of this project is to generate transparency in the supply chain.